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Wearg - Hæðen War Metal cassette

Wearg - Hæðen War Metal cassette


Here’s something to get your hackles all in a bunch over. San Diego’s bestial black/death metal duo Wearg have quit their torch-lit den to spread their hate-whetted aural animosity among the denizens of this sick world. Wearg’s demo, entitled Heaðen War Metal, is two songs of unmitigated rancor like a semi-automatic catapult loaded with razors, daggers, and fangs, by turns blasting you to shreds and stomping your whole body to smithereens, and bookended by two tracks of desolate dark ambience. Before you know it the last track “Laþ” comes on with discordant piano chords over a soughing synth like waking up in the bleary dawn, totally naked and covered with dried blood with a splitting headache and a vague memory of having undergone some ungodly nocturnal transformation. Because the two songs that precede it are really that violent.

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