Sépulcre, Thulsa Doom & Triumvir Foul LPs available now for pre-order!

In an unprecedented schedule change, we have received early shipping info for three new vinyl productions! Sépulcre ‘Cursed Ways of Sheol’ MLP, Thulsa Doom ‘A Fate Worse Than Death’ LP gatefold and Triumvir Foul ‘Onslaught to Seraphim’ LP are all now available for pre-order with official release dates of Friday February 10th (for Sépulcre and […]
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Posted: 02nd February 2023

Coscradh, Sacrilegia & Thulsa Doom all announced for Old Grave Festival in Bucharest, Romania!

From the festival Facebook page; “On the other side of the death style, hailing from the Eternal City of Rome, Thulsa Doom just released their debut “A Fate Worse Than Death” last year, a ferocious assault with pure evil savage riffs, gut-punching drums, grim sound, and snarling vocals attacks, creating an opaque war and death atmosphere. […]
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Posted: 27th January 2023

Lucifericon European Tour June 2023

Grave Sin Booking present Lucifericon & Extirpation over Europe in June 2023! Bookers and promoters please contact [email protected] for further details!
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Posted: 19th January 2023