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UNPURE Northern Sea Madness CD

UNPURE Northern Sea Madness CD


Comp CD featuring rare material from 30 years of unpurity!

1 Northern Sea Madness
2 Lust Of Darkness
3 Burn My Mother
4 Metal Night
5 Incubus
6 War Of Vengenace
7 Big Dead Landscape
8 Oblivion Attacks
9 Lustfilled
10 On Darkened Steeds
11 All Dead
12 Forever Lust
13 Cursebreed

Unpure- Northern Sea Madness- 1991-2021, 30 Unpurified Years - CD Nigredo Records
The beast is back after 17 years and we celebrate its 30th anniversary with old, unreleased and burning new material!
Being at the forefront of the early 2000´s Old School revival, together with bands such as GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, PENTACLE, WITCHMASTER, the band continues its legacy.
Two brand new tracks are compiled on the disc together with 11 other songs from different moments of their existence, since UNPURE was born in 1991.
Black / Thrash Metal the way it should be!
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