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SERPENTS ATHIRST Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration LP (black vinyl)

SERPENTS ATHIRST Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration LP (black vinyl)


12" LP , All , Invictus Releases

Limited edition black vinyl with logo screen printed on B side. 140g red/black splatter vinyl. Reverse side cardboard sleeve print including insert on 190gsm offsett paper.

Sri Lanka's Naga worshipping regiment SERPENTS ATHIRST return with an all-obliterating offering of 3 venomous hymns on MCD format titled “HERALDING CEREMONIAL MASS OBLITERATION”. After Sri Lanka’s GENOCIDE SHRINES took the world by storm with their celebrated EP “Devanation Monumentemples” released in 2012 through Cyclopean Eye Productions, India (the same label that is releasing SERPENTS ATHIRST’s offering in MCD format) SERPENTS ATHIRST have followed the dark paths to the abysmal vaults to conjure up another heaven-slaying pillar of blasphemy and entropy.

Influenced by the great elder deities of iron and hell like Blasphemy, Sarcófago, Venom, Beherit, Immortal, Bathory Etc, SERPENTS ATHIRST’S release is marked by simplistic structures carved with the involution and evolution of world-tormenting hatred from within. Both the strings and the drums have followed simplistic structures that remind of the darkest essence worshiped in the days of yore in classic releases like “Blood Upon The Altar” and “INRI.” The hymns flow through passages of lightning fast barrage of blasts and memorable, evil riffs while slowing down in phases in the middle just to gear up for another assault on the senses of all that is consecrated. The vocals are marked by reverb-drenched throaty rasps born from the innermost spirit of a tormented self, a style that works brilliantly to do justice to song titles like “Ritual Vomitting”. It’s gritty, ugly, rancid and abysmal, preserving the olden aesthetics of Canadian/Brazilian/Finnish black metal. The sound production is one element that really stands out as something remarkable – old, primitive and death-worshiping to the bones! All music on this release was recorded at Blasphemous War Goat! Studios and mixed/mastered by the very experienced and talented B.W.G. (Genocide Shrines/Funeral in Heaven). Credit must be given to him for his amazingly talented and inspired work to shape this majestically extreme sound that enhances the very experience surrounding this offering.

The album front cover artwork is another department that has hit the right spot perfectly for SERPENTS ATHIRST in this release. The talented Alex Shadrin of SICKRITES and SERPENTRANCE fame has been responsible for the truly brilliant artwork. It indeed does justice to the very concept and presentation that this release has aimed to emulate. All in all, this offering from Serpents Athirst truly bears testimony to the rising underground cult of unadulterated and intolerant metal in Sri Lanka and South Asia as a whole, and also to the fact that we, the listeners, will be subjected to greater aural attacks from the sons of the RaavanKommand in the days to come.Highly recommended! Mandatory for those with iron and thunder in their hearts!

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