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Pyreficatvm " Ast Zho El " CD Digipak

Pyreficatvm " Ast Zho El " CD Digipak


After the departure of संसार का पथ The sinister path of the internal fire was perpetrated according to various philosophical tablets and perpetrated towards the orientation of the dark ambient ritual, structuring a more complex musical work in physical ritualizations and diminished in the primordial ekstasis. A musically significant transformation, passing through hypnotic percussions, the use of organic elements such as human bones made trumpets (kanglings) usually used in ceremonies by Eastern traditions, various types of sacred cimbals and skull drums, mantralized teachings and diluted in hysterical acts of the Drakonian force. All this anointed with a transcendental vision towards the elemental, astrology sigilization and the transformation of being itself, thus achieving absolute unification with Ast Zho El, the first entrance towards the steps of the abyss.

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