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Oraculum - Always Higher CD

Oraculum - Always Higher CD


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Always Higher by Oraculum

Invictus Productions sets September 15th as the international release date for the brand-new mini-album of Chile's Oraculum, Always Higher. The Oraculum brethren incubate the raging pyre within the self, as a visionary element of utter omnipotence and unbreakable will. Designers of their own fiery path, never to be crossed, neither reached by traitors or prisoners of their ego. "Our blood is living fire feeding from your shame, scenting your trepidation with ease..."

Ever aptly titled, Always Higher is a true statement of intent, following Oraclum's critically acclaimed Sorcery of the Damned EP, released by Invictus in 2014. Always Higher stands a fierce manifestation of the primeval evil in man, bringing the principle of the conqueror as the true holder of wisdom, power, and conviction. Serving as an essential pillar in a world where the lack of spirit fools the sheep with hollow intentions and nothing valuable transcends, Oraculum hereby transcend their humble beginnings and assert their own intractable identity, unshackling themselves from influence but never forgetting the deepest truths death metal has taught them all these years. It is the full bounty of the ancient Metal of Death, fully steeped in metal AND death, maximized through sheer spirit and will. Blood and fire, Always Higher...

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