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INTO DARKNESS Cassini - Huygens MCD

INTO DARKNESS Cassini - Huygens MCD


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Into Darkness started back in 2011 and since then released a decent amount of small releases (demos, splits and EP's) but have yet to release their debut album. Only surviving member of the original line-up is vocalist/guitarist/songwriter and lyricist Giulia aka "Doomed Warrior" who kept her signature vocals and riffing through the years and countless lineup changes. This new "Cassini-Huygens" EP - released on nice looking cd with OBI by Unholy Domain - came out of the blue after five years since the last demo "First Encounters" that was recorded by Doomed Warrior all by herself handling all instruments. On this recording Into Darkness have a new full line up comprised of people coming from killer bands like Extirpation and Thulsa Doom teaming with the she tyrant and founder of the band.

What we have here are five songs of Dutch influenced doomy death metal (old Asphyx/Soulburn, Pentacle, Beyond Belief, Swazafix, Mystic Charm, etc), mixed with other old cults as Autopsy (Mental Funeral), Bolt Thrower, Mythic, Winter, Massacre, Crypt of Kerberos and some "cosmic melodies" a la Inquisition (yes, the black metal band). Do not make the mistake to mix Into Darkness with the current "sci-fi" DM scene of Blood Incantation and sons, because they have nothing to do with them. Sound of this EP is old school but clear enough, not drenched in reverbs and layers of effects as many bands do these days. I would have liked a more organic sound of the kick drum that sounds a bit clicky on the few blasting parts (drum sound on the debut demo was pure perfection!). Warrior's vocals sound more venomous and pissed off than ever, this time backed by Darak's auxiliary hateful screams.

Into Darkness don't reinvent the wheel, but at least they are honest and pure in their old school worshipping, they don't reheash the "usual suspects" influences (can you think of any other band saying "we are influenced by the Dutch school"? I don't), they don't sound as they play from the deep of a cavern, they are no hipsters, have no mustaches and didn't play in any deathcore band with stupid long name before discovering the death metal revival.

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