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HORNS & HOOVES I Am The Skel Messiah LP

HORNS & HOOVES I Am The Skel Messiah LP


12" LP , All , Invictus Releases , Vinyl

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present HORNS & HOOVES' highly anticipated debut album, I Am the Skel Messiah, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Dilate your holes in preparation for I Am the Skel Messiah, the long-awaited girthy LP from Brooklyn's most heinous trio: HORNS & HOOVES. I Am the Skel Messiah is an orgy ov riffs, speed, blasphemy, percs, and bussy meant to give you the carnal pleasure that you deserve.
HORNS & HOOVES hail from the wretched bowels of Brooklyn, where Malebolge and Salpsan sought to bring back the riffs and the perverse to black metal. Consecrate The Marrow and Morbid Lust provided the initial salty tastes ov the HORNS & HOOVES seed. Now joined by the horsecocked Orobas, the unholy trinity is finally complete to force upon the world their first full-length album, I Am the Skel Messiah, featuring eight grandiose hymns of bareback desecration. Nostrand Avenue serves as the new Golgotha, wherein the trio shall wage a drug- and sex-fueled war against Yahweh and crucify his junkie son. Kneel to the HORNS & HOOVES!

Cover artwork by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom)

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