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Cult of Daath - Slit Thoats and Ritual Nights CD

Cult of Daath - Slit Thoats and Ritual Nights CD


Original BFD/Deathgasm CD press from 2005

"Slit Throats And Ritual Nights" is the third coming from USBM band, Cult Of Daath. Unusual name, unusual band.

It's odd, when the riffs open for songs such as "Midnight Mutilation" or "Inhumane Sacrifice" i cannot help but feel the need to dance. The riffs are extremely catchy, which is what's so appealing about this album, as well as it's accessibility to the listener. To me, Cult Of Daath sound much like a Black/Death/Thrash fusion. The influences are easily distinguishable and add a certain unique feel to the music on the whole. The guitars are pivotal in creating the atmosphere Cult Of Daath creates. They are also pivotal in making this band as innovative and unique as they are. Death Metal blended with Black Metal to create an impressive style of music. However simplistic this may be, the sheer inventive nature of the men behind Cult Of Daath never bores the listener. The tone of the guitars is aggressive and raw. They seem to take a lot of influence from the Thrash genre, which adds to the appeal of the music. As stated previously, the guitars are pivotal in Cult Of Daath's music. Creating a harsh atmosphere, one filled to the brim with melody and aggression. The drums are used to great effect also. Adding an element of chaos to the music, as well as keeping that brutal feel up to speed. The vocals compliment the music perfectly. They're just as raw and just as cold as the music. They portray such aggression and hatred, reminiscent somewhat of Death Metal style vocals in the sense that they grind the listener down and drain them of all their energy. This album will leave you lifeless. The production, much like the rest of the album thus far, is raw, but clear. It creates a cold and harsh atmosphere over the music and causes the listener to be entranced. It's hard to pick any one influence this band takes. I simply cannot think of anything this sounds like, its just simply too unique.

Highlights include Midnight Mutilation and Inhuman Sacrifice.

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