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Baneful Storm - Invocations MCD

Baneful Storm - Invocations MCD


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Invocations by Baneful Storm

Originally self-released digitally in early 2017, Baneful Storm's Invocations fully flattened Invictus to such an extent that Invictus simply HAD to release this maze of torment in physical form. Indeed does the label eternally kneel at the altars of madness, and rarely has it heard a band so boldly and brazenly approximate the enduring sound and spirit of '80s Morbid Angel as Baneful Storm. What's perhaps more amazing is that it is all the work of one man, Jolyon Dagon. Nevertheless, what results on the 17-minute Invocations is pure Metal of Death diabolism steeped in the most ancient ways - nothing but evil spells, blasphemy, and damnation!

Step forward into the chapel of ghouls, bow before the lord of all fevers and plagues, and witness NEW visions from the dark side with Baneful Storm's Invocations!

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