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Punk is Dead – We Don’t Give A Fuck (Metal/Punk Compilation CD)


Released in 2008 by Kuravilu. Cool compilation by metal bands doing obscure (and less obscure) punk covers!

Comes with an 8 page booklet. Features exclusive previously unreleased songs, except*.

BARBATOS (Jap) – Fifteen (The Stalin)
HATEFUL AGONY (Ger) – Money, Pleasure & Pain (Broken Bones)
OPPRESSION (Swe) – Dry Heaves (DRI)
OPPRESSION (SWe) – In Your Eyes (Circle Jerks)
OPPRESSION (Swe) – Book Attack (Scholastic Deth)
FARSCAPE (Bra) – City Babies Attackd by Rats (GBH)
MISERYCORE (Chi) – Step on It (Slapshot)
SCALARE (Ger) – Albtraum (Slime)
THE KRUSHERS (Ita) – Marijuana Punk (Underage)
THE KRUSHERS (Ita) – Ribele per la Moda (Wretched)*
THE KRUSHERS (Ita) – Politicians (Rawpower)
THE ANA FRANK PIMPS (Chi) – Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)*
OBTEST (Lit) – Fantazija (Sa-Sa)
ETERNAL PAIN (Ger) – Pretty in a Casket (Blitzkid)/Beat the Bastards (The Exploited)


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