THE OTHER SUN Daimon, Devil, Dawn out July 23rd!

THE OTHER SUN Daimon, Devil, Dawn out July 23rd!

On July 23rd in Europe, Invictus Productions is proud to present The Other Sun's highly anticipated debut album, Daimon, Devil, Dawn, on CD and vinyl LP formats, both with 12-page booklets.

The Other Sun draw influence from surf rock, western score, and '70s rock. People have suggested they hear bits of Tito & Tarantula, Swans, Deep Purple, The Devil's Blood, Virus (Norway), Dick Dale, and Ennio Morricone in their music. Daimon, Devil, Dawn is their debut album. Many of the lyrics are inspired by alchemical imagery as metaphors for the human condition. In particular, "Stalking the Stalker" was inspired by the poem "The Street" by Mexican author Octavio Paz.

The Other Sun was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2018 by Fredrik Eytzinger. Their first EP, Horizon Between the Eyes, was released through Lapis Niger Productions in 2019.The current line-up consists of Fredrik Eytzinger (lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass), Árni Bergur Zoëga (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards), and Tommie Eriksson (session solo guitars).

The album cover and lyric transcript was made by fine artist David S. Herrerías. The booklet photos were shot by Gothenburg-based photographer Peter Gaudiano, with layout by Heresie Studio. Us release will be handled by The Ajna Offensive.

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