SPITE The Third Temple DLP/CD out in September!

SPITE The Third Temple DLP/CD out in September!

Six years since the coming of the Antimoshiach, SPITE returns with The Third Temple, twelve brand new tales of unblessed black metal!

Serving as both prequel and sequel to preceding works, The Third Temple further unfolds the apocrypha of Salpsan, the Antichrist incarnate, and his rise to the throne of Earth. In ancient days, the temples of Solomon and Herod each stood in Jerusalem and fell to forces both mortal and divine. In its first two segments, The Third Temple recounts the fates of these edifices and the powerful sacred relics they housed, as well as the consequential rise of dark forces which lurked below them in wait for their inevitable destruction. In the third segment, the world awaits the erection of a new Temple as religions new and old vie for the rights to the sacred soil of the Holy Land, while the Antimoshiach must determine his own role in the future of Satan’s kingdom on Earth.

Once again, Spite has joined forces with Jamie Elton, who recorded, mixed, and mastered this opus containing over an hour of new music, maintaining the signature SPITE sound with the bite of sinister black metal riffcraft delivered in Biblical proportions.

The Third Temple will be released in September 2024 by Invictus Productions on Double LP and CD formats.

Check out Unblessed from the album at Bandcamp and Soundcloud!
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