New Malokarpatan album 'Vertumnus Caesar' coming in 2023!

As work has commenced on the new Malokarpatan record titled ‘Vertumnus Caesar’, here is an update from main songwiter and guitarist Adam regarding the album’s themes and influences!
“Finishing our Folk Horror album trilogy and going through a difficult time in my life where I drifted between living in Sweden and finally returning back to Slovakia, the time has now come to begin a new chapter. After shelving two different album concepts complete with lyrics, I’ve settled on what I’ve dreamed of doing for many years – a concept LP about Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, initiate in occult arts and an important cultural figure of Central Europe where we come from.”
“Fuelled by our new drummer Axel Johansson and inspired by my time up north, the album will hold several Swedish collaborators, as our type of music has far more fertile ground there than in our homeland. The album will be titled Vertumnus Caesar and will be a return to more catchy, classic heavy metal/rock inspired songwriting while at the same time going deeper into our fascination with the strange aural worlds of 70s prog. All seen through the prism of early iron curtain black metal, as perfected by Kat, Tormentor or Törr. Pictured below is a portrait of the Kaiser by Hans von Aachen, taken during one of my trips to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.”
To be released in 2023 via Invictus & The Ajna Offensive.

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