Malokarpatan 'Z hôr a zámkov' (From Mountains and Castles) album

Saturday March 20th will be the one year anniversary of Malokarpatan Krupinské Ohne and as we celebrate that, wizard and warlock Adam has an update on the next album, which we are very proud to announce we will be releasing under the banner of Invictus Productions
. Adam says, “As people know by now, the key in Malokarpatan is to never repeat the same album twice, because that would be our creative death. Krupinské ohne was so far our most grim and inaccessible record. The next chapter will explore more of the stranger psychedelic elements of Slovakian folklore, with more adventurous soundscapes, but at the same time going back to the catchy and melodic songwriting utilized in the past. In a way it will be a synthesis of all our previous works, but it will also contain many elements that you wouldn’t find on any of them. Slovakia is perhaps most known for its dramatic mountainous landscapes marked with hundreds of medieval castles – the many legendary stories coming from these places will be loosely the concept of the fourth album, whose working title is ‘Z hôr a zámkov’ (From Mountains and Castles). Due to all the bullshit in the world at the moment, expect it no sooner than next year, but the composing is more or less all done by now.”
As previously stated, all three LPs are currently being repressed and due to the backlogs at the pressing plant won’t be available for a while yet, however, the are coming! CDs of all three albums are available and there are still a couple of black vinyl box sets of all three albums left!
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