Malokarpatan, Vircolac, Goatcraft, Sacrilegia Tour November 2019

All venue information has now been confirmed and announced. See you on the front-line in November!

Invictus Productions in association with Etrurian Legion present:
Unleashed on the East!
Witchcraft, Warlocks & Werewolves.

Malokarpatan, Vircolac, Goatcraft & Sacrilegia Eastern Tour, November 2019!

Facebook even pages below;

Thursday November 21st, Black Winter Festival, Gliwice, Poland.
Friday November 22nd, Underdogs, Prague, Czech.
Saturday November 23rd, Supersonic – Blue Hell & KVLT, Budapest, Hungary
Sunday November 24th, Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Malokarpatan ‘Nordkarpatenland’.

Sacrilegia ‘The Triclavian Advent’.

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