Malokarpatan new album "Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina)" out Friday March 20th

Malokarpatan enter Dark Ceremonies Studio, Hostivař, Prague, Czech Republic in October to commence recordings for their third full length album titled “Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina)”. The album will be out on LP/CD/MC and Digital on Friday March 20th with the band performing a release show with Cult of Fire on Saturday March 21st in Prague. The album will be released via Invictus Productions once again in conjunction with our US allies at The Ajna Offensive. Reissues of both ‘Stridzie Dni’ and ‘Nordkarpatenland’ on vinyl will also be available and we are now taking reservations from distributors for all three albums in time for the release of “Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina)”.

Malokarpatan guitarist Adam says of the album;

“Krupinské ohne (The Fires of Krupina) is a concept work dealing with real and magical events that took place during 17th century in the town of Krupina. A coven of witches operated here and instilled fear in the area that has eventually led to their fiery deaths upon the pyres of Catholic Church. Adjusted to the conceptual nature of the album, the music is inspired by the specific mystique and adventurous spirit of 70s progressive rock albums, while still remaining true to its roots of Iron Curtain style obscure black/heavy metal. “

Malokarpatan are booked in Europe by Dragon Productions from Germany. For concert and festival bookings please contact

The last remaining copies of Nordkarpatenland LP and Stridzi Dni LP are available from the web shop.

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