Invictus MMXXV

Invictus MMXXV

Invictus Productions MMXXV

25 years ago I decided that I was going to start a label. What has unfolded over that 25 years has been nothing short of amazing. Working with some of my favourite bands on the planet, travelling far and wide, meeting and making new friends, getting up to and into all sorts of mischief and it being a full time job.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night in the Sound House for what turned out to be an absolutely epic celebration. Special thanks to the mighty Coscradh, Sépulcre and Hasturian Vigil for performing excellent sets, Scobes for small duties, Nasher for the cabs of doom and Alan Nemtheanga for the killer DJ set til the death!

Photos include assorted miscreants from Vomitor, Gospel of the Horns, Bölzer, Necromaniac, Sépulcre, Hasturian Vigil, Coscradh and Sacrilegia.

There's something else currently in the works for another show at the end of the year. More details on that very soon!
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