Grave Infestation Infesticide demo cassette nearly sold out!

We are down to the last remaining copies of the Grave Infestation demo so act fast!

“Every wavelength on this thing – right down to the spooky ‘80s b-movie keyboards – is coated in a film of organic, aural grime as though a cultivation project has gone horribly wrong. The guitars are simultaneously fuzzy and crunchy, the drums are slightly muffled though far from buried, and the gritty bass-work is as much a leading force as either of the former. It’s difficult to tell if these tones are the result of deliberation or a lack of funds, because to get such a balanced, filled-out sound in light of what we know implies there is aptitude in droves here. This carries over to the performances as well, which are much tighter than the torrent of bass and fuzz would suggest at first. Grave Infestation seem well aware of this, too.” Sputnik Music.

Grave Infestation interview at Decibel Magazine.

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