Flamekeeper & Transilvania Mini Tour June 2022

The Forge Music Productions, together with Etrurian Legion Promotion, A_Way and Invictus Productions is proud to announce the Stronger than Passing Time Mini Tour 2022 featuring FLAMEKEEPER (International) and TRANSILVANIA (Austria).
The two Invictus Productions recording artists will finally present their respective titles ‘We Who Light the Fire’ (2019) and ‘Of Sleep and Death’ (2021) live to international audiences after impatiently waiting for years!

FLAMEKEEPER was founded in 2018 as the manifesto of the italian multi-instrumentalist and spiritual agitator Marco S. Vermiglio. Its music is an unclassifiable melting pot of genres like Epic Heavy Metal, Black Metal. Folk and Classical.
FLAMEKEEPER songs celebrate freedom and the inextinguishable faith that, like a torch in the dark, guides man in its quest to find existential meaning.
The international mosaic that constitutes the live line-up is based in Stockholm, Sweden and features members from Italy, Sweden and Portugal.

TRANSILVANIA was founded in 2014 and hails from Innsbruck, Austria.
Their music is a unique blend of Black, Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal in which bloodthirsty ferocity and haunting yet elegant melodies co-exist in morbid harmony
The Austrian demons herald ancient myths and gothic legends of vampirism, lycanthropy and witchery to remind us of the frailty of our human condition and subsequent permanence of death.

Join the force Stronger than Passing Time of FLAMEKEEPER and TRANSILVANIA!

FLAMEKEEPER (International) / TRANSILVANIA (Austria)
Stronger than Passing Time Mini-Tour 2022

Friday June 17th: Como, Italy – Centrale Rock Pub
Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/8ONImDRC1

Saturday June 18th: Abtenau, Austria – House of the Holy Festival

Sunday June 19th: Liestal, Switzerland – A_Way
Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1EECjpYHH



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