Deathcult & Lucifericon Across The Northern Void European Tour

Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing of the following tour:

Almost a decade ago DEATHCULT of Switzerland and LUCIFERICON from the Netherlands was formed. Parallel to each other they’ve both been operating in the same pitch black environments to develop and refine their art. Now, time has finally come for their paths to cross as they form an unholy coalition with one shared goal – to defile new territories and spread their message of death and decay.
During the spring of 2019 they will head out on a crusade across the northern parts of Europe, penetrating and destroying the minds of all standing in the way with their blackened chants of death metal.
The planned route stretches across Scandinavia, the Baltics and the northern parts of central Europe and it presents some exclusive live opportunities as it contains countries in which the bands has not yet played in.

Dates will be 29th March – 10th April 2019

· Friday 29th March: Berlin, Germany – Zukunft
· Saturday 30th March: Prague, Czech Republic – Eternia Smichov
· Sunday 31st March: Lodz, Poland – Magnetofon
· Monday 1st April: Kaunas, Lithuania – Lemmy Club
· Tuesday 2nd April: Riga, Latvia – Bars Republika
· Wednesday 3rd April: Helsinki, Finland – Lepakkomies Baari
· Thursday 4th April: Stockholm, Sweden – Pub Anchor
· Friday 5th April: Oslo, Norway – Blitz
· Saturday 6th April: Gothenburg, Sweden – Truckstop Alaska
· Sunday 7th April: Helsingborg, Sweden – Rockbåten
· Monday 8th April: Hamburg, Germany – Rote Flora
· Tuesday 9th April: Leiden, The Netherlands – Studio De Veste
· Wednesday 10th April: Gent, Belgium – Jeugdhuis Asgaard

Be sure not to miss this extraordinary event and remember that in times of turmoil, only death is real!


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