CALLOUS MASTER replace COSCRADH at Last of the Summer Winos Show

Regrettably Coscradh have had to pull out of this show but in their place we have a brand new Abomination called Callous Master by way of Belfast and Dublin that will open proceedings.
“Borne from the will to create Black Metal in the way of the old masters, CALLOUS MASTER hail from the same lesser trodden paths as bands such as Masters Hammer, Törr, Mercyful Fate, Bathory and Negative Plane. CALLOUS MASTER are anti-dogma, anti slave morality and pro all that is life affirming. Led forth by the spirit of Austin Osman Spare and the ZOS KIA CULTUS, CALLOUS MASTER invoke cryptic incantations to awaken the dormant forces within and embrace the dark depths of existence.”

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