Beastiality at Morbid Catacombs Festival, Berlin August 30/31

From the Morbid Catacombs Facebook page; “As it was promised we’d like to darken your day with this years MCF poster! We raise our bloodfilled skulls to hail our putrid fellow César Valladares fromCésar Valladares Illustration who is responsible for the drawn atrocity!! Even if it might be to early for a beer (is it really?) lay back and enjoy!!!

The event page is here.

With Ghastly -death metal-, Sepulcher, Ignivomous,Beastiality – Sweden, Witching Hour,FUNEBRARUM, Repulsive Feast, Tchornobog,Necromaniac, Megathérion, Galvanizer, HAR,Saqra’s Cult and Zukunft am Ostkreuz.Morbid Catacombs Running Order

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