Qrixkuor, Sépulcre & Lucifericon CDs delayed!

Please note that the QRIXKUOR, Sépulcre & Lucifericon CDs have ALL been held up in production. Shipping date from press for Sépulcre is December 14th and Lucifericon is December 20th. The Qrixkuor is being printed in the US and will be in stock around December 15th. As a consequence of yet more ridiculous delays, there […]
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Posted: 29th November 2022

Qrixkuor Zoetrope CD/MC delayed until December 2nd

In yet another manufacturing delay, the Qrixkuor EP Zoetrope will be delayed until Friday December 2nd. Apologies to those who have so far pre-ordered for the November 18th release date. We will get the CD to you as soon as possible.
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Posted: 15th November 2022

Relocation Complete & Shipping Has Resumed!

The label relocation has happened and shipping has now recommenced. There may be some minor shipping delays as I continue to reorganise stock here but you will be contacted immediately if there is going to be any delay. Thanks again to everyone who has continued to support the label throughout the year!
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Posted: 11th November 2022