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Sépulcre – Morbid Transcendence Live!

Despite perpetual lockdowns affecting our ability to see live bands in the flesh, some have been working at trying to give SOMETHING to metal heads to feast their eyes upon. Sépulcre performing ‘Morbid Transcendence’ from their debut demo live in their rehearsal room comes from this DIY or die attitude that makes metal what it […]
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Posted: 12th April 2021

Qrixkuor ‘Poison Palinopsia’ LP/CD/CS/Digital out Friday July 9th!

The recrudescent scourge of Qrixkuor returns to unleash it’s debut full-length album, entitled ‘Poison Palinopsia,’ to be released on Friday July 9th in conspiracy with Invictus Productions in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the United States. Following 2016’s enigmatic ‘Three Devils Dance’ MLP, ‘Poison Palinopsia’ is a sordid wound in reality’s distorted veil that […]
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Posted: 09th April 2021

Grave Infestation ‘Persecution of the Living’ LP/CD/CS out later 2021

Grave Infestation Persecution of the Living LP/CD/CS out later 2021! Expect nothing but the heaviest and macabre Death Metal. A vinyl and CD reissue of the demos will also be available at the same time! A track will be published once we have a definite release date in a few weeks.
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Posted: 08th April 2021