Abhorration, Necromaniac Cassettes and Transilvania CD repress out now!

What will likely be the last of 2021’s releases from us here at Invictus are out now and available for order. Norway’s Abhorration deliver a brute force Death Metal attack with their After Winter Comes War EP while the UK’s Necromaniac hammer in the cult, classic 80s leaden Black/Death/Thrash style of Metal! Transilvania’s magnificent sophomore […]
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Posted: 30th November 2021


Now seems like a good time to try shift more items and clear shelf space for the new releases coming in over the next few months!! 30-50% off older item LP/CD/Cassette/Merch!
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Posted: 17th November 2021

Diocletian, Malokarpatan, Necromaniac & Sépulcre merch for pre order!

We currently have a ton of new merch at print and out next month! Diocletian pull over and zipper hoodies, Malokarpatan t shirts, long sleeves & hooded sweatshirts, Necromaniac shirts and Sépulcre t shirts and long sleeves. Limited amount of each and all available for pre order now and shipping around Dec 10th!
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Posted: 11th November 2021