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Bölzer ‘SOMA’ vinyl delayed

Due to circumstances beyond our control the first press vinyl edition of BÖLZER ‘SOMA’ has been unduly delayed at press. We cannot apologise enough to everyone for this delay and we fully appreciate any frustration and anger that may arise as a result of this delay. The CD edition (manufactured at the same place) is being shipped from press and will begin shipping to all customers immediately upon arrival along with the cassette edition and the Malthusian MMXIII vinyl, which will be in the same shipment. The second press of ‘SOMA’ should also commence immediately. Once again, apologies for this unforeseen delay.

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Malthusian & Bölzer PRE ORDERS

Thanks to all those who have pre ordered both the Malthusian and Bölzer releases. Release date for both is August 5th and as soon as they arrive from press, copies will begin shipping to customers.

The Bölzer first press is sold out from Invictus and the second press will begin production once the first press arrives for distribution.

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The cassette repress of the DEATHCULT demo from 2012 should be available next week as production finishes this week according to the plant. Strictly limited to 200 copies and available directly from! Some large t shirts from the original demo press remain on the web store!

Bölzer ‘SOMA’ EP artwork nearly complete, meaning it’s finally drawing near. It will be sent to press as soon as all the files are here.

Malthusian ‘MMXIII’ vinyl will also be going to press shortly, in time for their July shows with Inquisition in Ireland and Hell’s Pleasure metal fest in Germany. The vinyl will be on a limited edition coloured vinyl as well as regular black wax!

ZOM ‘Flesh Assimilation’ will now not be released until late August/early September. The artwork or lack of artwork has held up the release continually but progress has been made and it will hopefully be done by the end of June. For the time being ‘Flesh Assimilation’ shirts are available from Invictus and a CD edition of the demo will be released later in the summer.

OCCULTATION are currently recording their follow up to ‘Three and Seven’ in Godcity Studios, Salem with Kurt Balou for what will be a late September/early October release. No song titles have been unveiled yet but will be in due course. Invictus will release the album on CD/LP/Cassette and digitally in Europe.

Latest updates:

May 6

Ampütator – Intolerant Profanatory Domination cassette €5
Ampütator – Intolerance Deathsquads cassette €5
A.M.S.G.- The Principle of Evil Becomes … cassette €5
Ancient Crypts – Devoured by Serpents cassette €5
Avulsed – Revenant Wars 7″ €5
Bestial Summoning – Sodomistic Rituals cassette €5
Beyond – Fatal Power of Death cassette €5
Beyond Mortal Dreams – Lamia 7″ €5
Diocletian – Doom Cult cassette €5 (original cass press from ’09)
Doomortalis – The Unknown Somber Magnetism Cassette €5
Heretic – Black Metal Holocaust cassette €5
Heretic – Devilworshipper cassette €5
Heretic – Gods Over Humans, Slaves under Satan cassette €5
Nuclearhammer – Frozen Misery cassette (blue cover) €5
Nuclearhammer – Frozen Misery cassette (red cover) €5
Putrevore/Putrefact – Funebre Plague into Darkness 7″ €5
Ouroboros – Spear of Destiny cassette €5
Qrixkuor – Consecration of the Temple cassette €5
Solstice – Death’s Crown Is Victory LP €18 (orange vinyl)
Vomitor – Devils Poison cassette €5

May 8
Cruciamentum – Engulfed in Desolation CD €5
Cruciamentum – Convocation of Crawling Chaos CD €5
Mayhem – Vomit from Helvete CD €10

May 16
Abigail “Ultimate Unholy Death” CD
Abigail “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” CD
Abigail “Intercourse and Lust” CD
ÆVANGELIST “De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis” CD
Ares Kingdom “Veneration” CD
Armoured Angel – Baptism in Blood CD
Bestial Raids “Prime Evil Damnation” CD
Blizaro – Strange Doorways CD
Black Witchery “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom” CD
Bloodway – Sunstone Voyager And The Clandestine Horizon CD
Cauchemar “Tenebrario” CD
Demonomancy “Throne of Demonic Proselytism” CD
Goatcraft “The Blasphemer” CD
Grave Upheaval “No Title” CD
Howls of Ebb “Vigils Of The 3rd Eye” CD
Innsmouth “Consumed by the Elder Sign” CD
Irkallian Oracle “Grave Ekstasis” CD with slipcase
Katechon “Man God Giant” CD
Knelt Rote “Trespass” CD
Knelt Rote “Insignificance” CD
Malasangre – Lux Deerit Soli CD
Morbosidad “Muerte de Cristo en Golgota” CD
Myrddraal – Surrounded by Unlight CD
Nar Mattaru – Enuma Elish CD
Phantom – Incendiary Serum CD
Sacriphyx “The Western Front” CD
Sacriphyx “Sacriphyx” CD
Sect Pig “Slave Destroyed” CD
Set “Upheaval of Unholy Darkness” CD
Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum “Sol” split CD
Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would Not Awake You CD
Thou Art Lord “The Regal Pulse of Lucifer” CD
The Wakedead Gathering – The Gate And The Key CD
Wither – Wither CD
Woebegone Obscured – Marrow of Dreams CD

May 26
Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eiu DLP €20
Beyond – Fatal Power of Death CD €10
Beyond – Fatal Power o Death LP €12
Bölzer – Aura CD €7
Cult of Fire – Triumvirat LP €15
Cult Of Fire – second LP €15
Heresiarach – Hammer of Intransigence EP €13
Landskap – One LP + poster €13
Skelethal – Deathmanicvs Revelatio MLP €12

Upcoming shows with Invictus related bands:

7/6/13 The Dome, Tufnell Park, London: Mystifier, Bölzer, Cruciamentum, Spearhead, Malthusian & ZOM
15/7/13 The Voodoo, Belfast: Inquisition, ZOM, Malthusian
16/7/13 Voodoo Lounge, Dublin: Inquisition, ZOM, Malthusian
18/7/13 Hell’s Pleasure Metal Fest: Malthusian & Deathcult
13/9/13 An Ending In Fire, Helvete, Oberhausen: Bölzer, ZOM, Irkallian Oracle, Possession, Malthusian, Sheol, Obscure Burial
14/11/13 Black Flames of Blasphemy Fest, Helsinki, Finland: Malthusian & Bölzer
20/11/13 Hamburg, Kunst: Primordial, Portrait, Bölzer
21/11/13 Essen, Turock: Primordial, Portrait, Bölzer
22/11/13 Berlin, Brutz & Brakel: Primordial, Portrait, Bölzer
28/11/13 The Academy, Dublin: Primordial, Necros Christos, Dead Congregation, Malthusian (tickets available from the Invictus web store)

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CD orders for €100 or more receive FREE SHIPPING!

As and from May 1st all CD orders on the web store for €100 or more will automatically get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE – NO EXCEPTIONS! Whether you’re based in Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, America or China, once the order hits €100 you won’t have to pay a single cent on shipping! You simply pay for the titles you order!!

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