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ZOM cassette available December 29th!

Invictus is proud to announce the release off the ZOM cassette on Thursday December 29th.


Ireland has always suffered from a lack of the more traditional black and death metal bands over the years but this has slowly began to change. Emerging from the sewers of Dublin is ‎ZOM, who will issue their 5 track demo through Invictus shortly. Taking influence from Hellhammer, Beherit, Morbid Angel, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Sepultura, Necrophagia, Sodom, the three member line up of Chthon (Sub Sonik Destruktion/Kommands), Sodomaniac (Axe of Khaos/Kommands), Sabbac (Astral Battery) invoke perversion, sorcery, cosmos and death through their primitive, atavistic and ritualistic sounds. The track ‘The Chaos Dimension’ can be heard at and the demo can now be pre ordered at


ZOM will play on Thursday December 29 in the Pint (Dublin) in support of the cassette release!