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New titles added!

Abigail – Forever Street Metal Bitch CD €10 Black/Thrash Metal
Abigail – Welcome All Hell Fuckers CD (w/bonus) €10 Black/Thrash
Abigail – The Lord Of Satan CD €10 Black/Thrash
Armagedda – Only True Believers CD €10 Black Metal
Beherit – Live At The Devi’s Studio 1990 LP €15 Black Metal
Besatt – Triumph of Antichrist LP (gatefold + bonus track) €13 Black Metal
Bestial Raids – Prime Evil Damnation CD €10 Black Metal
Blasphemophagher – The III Command of the Absolute Chaos CD €10 Black/Death Metal
Blizzard – Rock n Roll Overkill LP €13 Black/Thrash Metal
Cauldron Black Ram – SlubberdegullionLP €12 Death Metal
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy Double CD €12 Black/Death Metal
Corpus Christii – The Torment Continues LP (White Vinyl + Poster) €13 Black Metal
Cruciamentum – Convocation of Crawling Chaos CD €6 Death Metal
Deathraiser – Violent Aggression CD €10 Thrash Metal
Disgorge – Gore Blessed To The Worms CD €10 Death/Grind
Funerary Bell – The Coven LP €15 Black Metal
Ignivomous – Blood & Mercury CD €10 Death Metal
Infinitum Obscure – Obscuridad Eterna 7″ €5 Death Metal
Kerasphorus – Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn MCD €5 Black/Death Metal
Loits – Ei Kahetse Midagi DIGI CD €10 Black Metal
Lvcifyre – Dying Light Ov God 7″ €5 Black/Death Metal
Maveth – Of Serpent And Shadow LP €13 Black/Death Metal
Morrigan – The Damned LP + poster €13 Black Metal
Myrkr – Offspring of Gathered Foulness CD €10
Necrovation – Gloria Mortus 7″ €5 Death Metal
Necrovorous – Funeral For The Sane LP €13 Death Metal
Necrosadist – Abstract Satan CD Black Metal €10
Proclamation – Advent of the Black Omen CD €10 Black Metal
Proclamation – Messiah of Darkness and Impurity CD €10 Black Metal
Proclamation – Execration of Cruel Bestiality CD €10 Black Metal
Prosanctus Inferi – Red Streams of Flesh CD €10 Black/Death Metal
Purtenance – Member of Immortal Damnation CD €10 Death Metal
Scythian – To Those Who Stand Against Us LP (gatefold) €13 Black/Death Metal
Scythian/Kawir split 7″ €5 Black/Death Metal
Teitanfyre – Morbid Death’s Sceptre LP €13 Black/Death Metal
Thorns Of Hate – Abominable Triumph Of Heresy cassette €5 Black/Death Metal
Thorns Of Hate – Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse 7″Black/Death Metal
Tsjuder – Kill for Satan CD €10 Black Metal
Tsjuder – Demonic Possession CD €10 Black Metal
Tudor – Ultra Black Metal Double CD €12 Black/Thrash Metal
Unaussprechlichen Kulten – People Of The Monolith LP €13 Death Metal
Undergang – Indhentet af Døden CD €10 Death Metal
Vanhelgd – Church of Death CD €10 Death Metal
Vermeth – Suicide or Be Kill CD €10 Black Metal
Vesen – Goat Carcass Rising CD €10 Black Metal
Voids of Vomit – Veritas Ultima Vitae 12″ EP €11 Death Metal
Watain – Rabid Death’s Curse CD €10 Black Metal
Watain – Casus Luciferi CD €10 Black Metal
Witchburner – Demons LP (gatefold) €13
Witching Hour – Past Midnight LP €13 Black/Thrash Metal