Shibalba​/​Phurpa​/​NamKhar​/​Alone in the Hollow Garden​/​Asath Reon​/​Undirheimar “The Perfection of Insight” CD Digipak


-Offerings of Sound and Vibration to reach the Void-

Our vision is veiled by a greyish shroud weaved from fallacious perception. And although we must navigate through black oceans of illusions in our mundane lives, we must be mindful and aware of this deception blinding our true sight. That which sees beyond the obvious level of appearances and perceives true insight. This is the vision we experience with our eyes closed.

-In-sight- is defined as “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.” Much can be learned indeed from an individual by observing his devotion to his path to enlightment and gnosis. As well as the seriousness and level of dedication from that pilgrim from the method of his practice. No matter his chosen spiritual path, the great work is of true essence here.

This gathering of pilgrims, on the path to such perfection of insight, all have in common a method of inner working which reflects outward and is perceived by, those who are attentive, through more than the senses. That method is through rituals of sound and vibration. The profane would simply call this “music” of the “dark ambient” sub-genre, but that is too reductive a categorisation to truly give a “name” to this most ancient devotional tool of ritual work. Again, people perceive “music” on a first level and not the intrinsic spiritual essence deeply hidden between what the senses hear and the mind interprets.

What has been conjured forth here for you, the listener, to experience, are ritual chanting and soundscapes for inner transformation through the cutting away of the various layers of the ego. Using the human voice and various instruments as sorcerous tools of the Arte, the adepts participating in this collective ritual each walks their respective paths towards the same goal. Sharing a same purpose and connecting in subtle ways beyond the limited understanding of the great masses of this dark age.

If you, the experience, is merely seeking to entertain your senses, this is not for you. You will hear sounds and musical notes but the underlying meaning will be occulted from you. But if you are also a pilgrim on the path to inner working, then you will be able to immerse yourself in the process and partake in the ritual itself. To reach a certain trance-like state and experience out-of-reality vision is part of the process. This whole offering is a sonic key to unlocking the portals to the void and shatter the mirror of perception. Leaving its broken shards behind as you venture forth into silent nothingness.


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