Metallica – No Life til Power Demo era 82/83 CD (Unofficial)


Mexican bootleg of an 80s Metallica bootleg.

The CD contains 11 demo tracks from their days prior to be signed by Elektra records. Check out the tracklisting. A must have for any Metallica fan. Currently the only one listed on Ebay and to be honest I have never seen another on Ebay. I see the LPs from time to time but have never seen the CD. Tracklisting:

(No Life ‘Til Power Demos”
1. Hit The Lights
2. The Mechanix
3. Motorbreath
4. Seek And Destroy
5. Metal Militia
6. Jump In The Fire
7. Phantom Lord

(Power-Metal Demos
8. Hit The Lights
9. The Mechanix
10. Motorbreath
11. Jump In The Fire


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