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Forgotten Path magazine #6


132 b/w professionally printed pages – the thickest issue so far! Interviews: Nivlhel [Swe] Anthro Halaust [Ukr] Living Altar [Ltu] Pestilential Shadows [Aus] Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary) [Rus] “Oaken Throne Zine” [Usa] Gorrch [Ita] Necrohell [Gre] Thorybos [Ger] Graveborne [Fin] Devlsy [Ltu] Saligia [Nor] Inthyflesh [Por] Serpents Lair [Den] Popravčí Vrch [Cze] Inquisitor [Ltu] Zargof [Bra] “Grom Records” [Ser] Slidhr [Irl] Grave Miasma [Gbr] Norman Shores [Fra] A.M.S.G. [Can] Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult [Ger]


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