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Forgotten Path magazine #5


100 b/w professionally printed pages – the jubilee issue of the zine, not as thick as usually, but with a better concentration on the quality of the content. Interviews: Christicide [Fra] Demonic Slaughter [Pol] Eternity [Ger] Division [Ltu] Monstraat [Swe] “Paragon Records” [Usa] Nyksta [Ltu] Gone Postal [Isl] Svartidauði [Isl] “Call to the Infernal Hordes Zine” [Crc] Rotting Christ [Gre] Lux Divina [Esp] Selbst [Ven] Patria [Bra] Sanctophoby [Ltu] Entartung [Ger] Pact [Usa]


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