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Forgotten Path magazine #4


124 b/w professionally printed pages – definitely the best and most intriguing issue so far. Interviews: Cult of Erinyes [Bel] Phlegein [Fin] Balmog [Esp] Warthane [Rsa] Wodensthrone [Gbr] A Winter Lost [Can] Lunar Aurora [Ger] “Soleil Tryste Zine” [Ger] Adamus Exul [Aus] NWOPBM (Morowe/Furia, Oremus, Noctis, Morkr) [Pol] “Dunkelheit Produktionen” [Ger] Skon [Svk] Lord Beezanborgh [Den] Celestia [Fra] Amžius [Ltu] Pseudogod [Rus] Beastcraft [Nor]


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