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Arkthinn – “IIIIII” Double Digi CD


Formed in 2012, Arkhtinn released their first demo in 2013 on a small French label. It went mostly unnoticed, until the project got picked up by Fallen Empire Records in 2016. The second and third demo sold out quickly, and Arkhtinn showed their young fanbase that they had much more in store than could ever be expected after the first demo. Developing soundscapes, divided into harshly produced space ambient black metal and calming yet unnerving ambient mirrors. The third demo opened up a whole new level of enveloping trance, showing one thing over everything else: sublime musicianship and craftsmanship. With all demo tapes sold out, Amor Fati have now decided to compile the first three demos as a double CD digipak. Following the wish of the band, the demos were split up so that one CD contains all ‘black metal’ tracks, while the second CD contains all ‘ambient’ tracks.
Meanwhile, Arkhtinn have already released their fourth demo (which sold out in days), with demo V and VI on the way. Furthermore, it was recently announced that a collective had formed around the members of Arkhtinn.


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