Review of ‘Decrowning the Irenarch’ from Franang ‘zine

SPEARHEAD (UK) “Decrowning The Irenarch” CD’07. 11 tracks, 37 min. Invictus.

The second album from Spearhead shows many changes in the musical direction. First of all, the Black Metal side of their compositions has totally disappear to a more violent Death Metal approach. Secondly, the materials have hugely been improved. First of all the production is now terribly strong and unveils a more sophisticated music. Secondly the musical direction is now more into the early Angel Corpse vein than Black Metal, with ultra violent and fast ripping tunes. The brilland song writing and the ability in executing straight in the head and technical riffs show now a real potential for this combo. They can now compete with bands such as Angel Corpse, Revenge or Morbid Angel. The vocals department have also been increased, the vocals sound even more cruel and drastic. This is fucking big step between the first and this record !

Franang ‘zine