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Reveal ‘Nocturne of Eyes & Teeth’ CD and Occultation ‘Three & Seven’ CD releases.

The next two forthcoming releases on Invictus Productions!
The first, Reveal, is set for release on Saturday March 31 2012. The album, ‘Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth’, has previously been issued on vinyl only through Germany’s High Roller Records and after a lengthy negotiation with the band, Invictus secured the rights to the CD release worldwide. The band’s style is an eclectic mix of the likes of Master’s Hammer, early Samael with a nod to classic heavy metal and even the eerie Twin Peaks soundtrack. For such a new band, their style is quite distinct and recognisable among the myriad of new ‘old school’ metal bands currently plying their trade. Reveal also opened for fellow Uppsala band In Solitude in Stockholm on Saturday February 25 to much acclaim and they have also played the prestigious Hell’s Pleasure festival in Germany in July 2011. The band will hopefully be doing shows in Europe with Negative Plane later in 2012.

The second upcoming release on Invictus is the Occultation album ‘Three and Seven’, which is due for release on April 17. The band is the brainchild of E.M.M., otherwise known as Nameless Void, from New York’s Negative Plane and features the haunting, eerie and melancholic vocals of V.B. and A.L. V.B. also performed female vocals on Negative Plane’s sophomore album ‘Stained Glass Revelations’, released through Invictus in 2011. The style of the band stems from metal and more alternative music with influences aplenty from Joy Division, The Cure, Christian Death and Diamanda Galas as well as subtle nods to Mercyful Fate. The overall feel of the album could be likened to the atmosphere conjured throughout Herzog’s classic ‘Nosferatu: The Vampyre’ from 1979. The band has played a number of low key shows in the US and played their first overseas show in Dublin in August 2011 in support of Negative Plane and Tribulation. There are aims for the band to tour both Europe and the US in 2012 and into 2013 in support of the album. The track ‘Living Portrait’ can be heard here on the Invictus website!