Invictus Releases

Apostate Viaticum – Before the Gates of Gomorrah CD

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP104 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Invictus Productions sets March 13th as the international release date for Apostate Viaticum’s highly anticipated debut album, Before the Gates of Gomorrah. One of the most exciting new bands Invictus has come across lately, Apostate Viaticum feature in their ranks a number of Irish metal veterans, largely evolving out of the band Morphosis, whose roots […]

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Year: 2017 | SKU: IP102 | Formats: CD LP MC | Availability: In Stock

Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Dark Descent Records, announce March 17th as the international release date for Ascended Dead‘s highly anticipated debut album, Abhorrent Manifestation. Invictus Productions will handle the album’s European release, while Dark Descent will handle its North American release. Surprisingly born under San Diego’s sun, Ascended Deadare nevertheless as ugly as it can be: not by design nor by trying […]

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Beastiality – Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions CD digipack

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP125 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BEASTIALITY’s highly anticipated debut, Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions. Although their moniker might suggest bestial metal in the mold of Beherit and other elder gods, BEASTIALITY instead brim with the sulfurous sensation of classic blackthrashing METAL. Indeed, they rise from the sewers of Stockholm and become the very bastard sons […]

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Bölzer – SOMA CD

Year: 2014 | SKU: IP058 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

The follow up to the earth shattering ‘Aura’ release as finally arrived. Expanding again on what was built upon with ‘Aura’, ‘SOMA’ takes the listener on an aural journey of atavistic exploration.

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Consummation – Ritual Severance CD

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP666 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

nvictus Productions sets March 13th as the international release date for Consummation‘s debut EP, Ritual Severance. Consummation are an Australian black/death metal band based in Brisbane and who also share members with Impetuous Ritual. In 2012, they released a self-titled debut demo, which showed a startlingly accomplished aesthetic for an otherwise brand-new band. Patiently lying in wait, perfecting their craft […]

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Coscradh – Of Death and Delirium CD

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP122 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Invictus Productions sets November 24th as the international release date for Coscradh‘s highly anticipated new EP, Of Death and Delirium. Just last year, Invictus unfurled Coscradh‘s self-titled debut demo, which subsequently went on to reap international acclaim. Here, Coscradh presented a new revelation in the Irish black/death metal underground, and yet another extremely promising newcomer fostered by Invictus. An auspicious start, with its ever-swarming […]

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Crurifragium – Beasts of the Temple of Satan

Year: 2017 | SKU: IP101 | Formats: CD LP | Availability: In Stock

INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present CRURIFRAGIUM’s highly anticipated debut album, Beasts of the Temple of Satan. Although only springing to foul life in 2015, CRURIFRAGIUM’s history stretches back to their previous existence as Warpvomit. And although only existing for a couple years before the name-change, with their lone Carnal Sacrifice demo, Warpvomit verily approximated […]

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Deathcult – Beasts of Faith CD

Year: 2016 | SKU: IP085 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

On September 26th, Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Iron Bonehead Productions, is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Switzerland’s Deathcult, Beasts of Faith. Hot on the heels ofInvictus’ reissue of the band’s now-acclaimed Demo ’12, Deathcult strike with an iron-fisted statement of their fullest potential. Early on, the quartet’s sound betrayed a […]

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Deathcult – Demo MMXII

Year: 2016 | SKU: IP075 | Formats: CD | Availability: In Stock

Switzerland´s DEATHCULT  see their crushingly great debut “Demo ´12” released via Invictus Productions on a CD version. “Demo ’12” was originally released in 2012 on cassette by Invictus, this special reissue comes as digipack with debossed logo,  new cover artwork and one bonus track. The demo features vocalist/guitarist Ketzer, who after the release of the EP “Pleading For Death…chocking On Life” left the band to focus on BÖLZER.  If […]

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Demonomancy – Poisoned Atonement

Year: 2018 | SKU: IP126 | Formats: CD MC | Availability: In Stock

For a decade now, DEMONOMANCY have been steadfast pillars of the bestial metal idiom, perfecting it over the course of two EPs and 2013’s definitive debut album, Throne of Demonic Proselytism. However, whilst working with the same strident fundaments – ancient South American black/death, the rigorous Blasphemy/Beherit axiom, early proponents of metal primitivism like Profanatica […]

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