Kill – Horned Holocaust CD

Year: 2005
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Formats: CD
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1 Hatred Shall Infest 2:35
2 Virgin Sacrificed 6:22
3 Horned Holocaust 5:13
4 Vomit Of Heaven 3:32
5 The Coming Curse 2:35
6 The Devil 5:00
7 Fields Of Devastation 4:30

Kill is the aural essence of primitive and dark Black Metal, as it was intended to be. Citing influence from Sodom ‘s ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’, Sarcofago’s ‘INRI’, Dark Throne, VON, Necrovore, ‘Horned Holocaust’ emerges a vile and hideous creation of true Black Metal art. The darkness in the music is reminiscent of the Samael masterpiece ‘Worship Him’ from the early days of Black Metal.