Allfather – Weapon Of Ascension CD

Year: 2005
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Formats: CD
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1. Evolution to Supremacy
2. Forever Unconquerable
3. Flight into Exile
4. Hail! Tyrants of War
5. Storm Assault
6. Through Ages Wrought
7. Invictus
8. Of Man and Valour
9. Blood and Soil
10. In the Face of Nobility
11. Progeny of Vengeance
12. Path of Glory

Canadian War Metal just got more intense! Allfather’s debut album is a relentless and barbaric aural assault. Reaching into the concept of Nietzsche’s ‘superman’ and the pushing of the human being to a higher level, Allfather rage relentlessly and brutally over your senses. Imagine Bestial Warlust colliding full force in battle with Angelcorpse & Order From Chaos!