Slutvomit – Swarming Darkness CD

A compelling mixture of all that is irreverent and utterly unholy from the entire career of Satanic, underground heavy metal, SLUTVOMIT owes its influences to all that made black and death metal truly great in the mid ’80s. Equal parts Possessed, Morbid Angel, Incubus, and Necrovore from their demo glory days, SLUTVOMIT is a hysterical bastard child of these progenitors. Hard, fast, blasphemous, SLUTVOMIT is for fans of Nifelheim, Destroyer 666, and Watain, as well as classic bands like Bathory, Morbid Angel, Possessed, and Sodom.

Manifesting – Descension Through The Seven Forbidden Seals CD

Evocative of the macabre and Gothic horror of Poe and evinced by the brilliant Vincent Price, ‘Descension Through The Seven Forbidden Seals’ is a laden with atmosphere in the heaviest death metal sense. Relying on the riffs, vocals and melodies to combine in order to create an aura of mystery and an atmosphere of heavy […]

Tribulation – The Formulas Of Death

Musical growth is a key factor in the longevity of any band, but in the underground, we’re an unforgiving bunch. It was inevitable that with the wave of new Swedish bands bowing to the altar of their sonic forefathers in the Death Metal realm, some would eventually do what some of those early bands did […]

Chapel – Satan’s Rock N Roll CD

Ladies and gentlemen…from the very depths of HELL comes….CHAPEL!!!!! Having formed in 2008, CHAPEL have began to rewrite the book on what it means to be rip roaring, satanic black/thrash. ‘Satan’s Rock N Roll’ is like the early 80s never fucking ended. An unhealthy dose of VENOM, DISCHARGE, CELTIC FROST, SODOM, BATHORY, GBH combined with […]

Gospel of the Horns – Ceremonial Conjuration

From the abyss they have returned!! Brand new Gospel Of The Horns mini album featuring 5 brand new tracks including a a Goatlord cover of ‘The Fog’!! Neck snapping, cranium pounding black/thrash metal from one of Australia’s finest proponents of the style!!

Occultation – Somber Dawn 7″

Occultation is a New York trio that can best be described as eerie, drab, experimental, occult sounding heavy metal. Reminiscent of the Gothic horror of Edgar Allen Poe, Occultation deliver an ambient and atmospheric combination of occult rock mixed with metal. This low-key three-piece band (featuring none other than Nameless Void from black metal legends […]

Sanguis Imperem – In Glory We March Towards Our Doom CD

SANGUIS IMPEREM are one of the underground’s most violent upstarts and September will see the release of their highly anticipated debut album, which is aptly titled, In Glory We March Towards Our Doom! The album  sees the Californian quartet moving from their war metaled beginnings toward a more morbid maturity, patiently plying their violence with greater focus and fiercer results. […]

Negative Plane – Et In Saecula Saeculorum CD

Officially licensed from The Ajna Offensive for Europe, Negative Plane’s debut album continues to enthral and compel. With influences from the glorious Master’s Hammer abound, Et In Saecula Saeculorum is a spellbinding masterpiece of occult black metal intertwining atmosphere, intensity and mysticism perfectly.

Portal – Swarth CD

Portal is the epitome of Lovecraftian horror put to music. The dark, dank, endless caverns your forced to aurally endure throughout their music as your brain swirls in a psychotic rage is only the beginning for what must be one of the most original death metal bands on the planet. There is no escape from […]

Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations 7″

Negative Plane’s second album, taking their eerie, occult laden Black Metal to another level. Almost fitting to be a soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe novel, ‘Stained Glass Revelations’ is an exceptional piece of work, elevating the band to scene leaders. Double vinyl record with exclusive booklet and art from Timo Ketola.

Antediluvian – Watchers’ Reign CD

Canada’s Antediluvian make their music according to the how one would assume a band of that name would. Powerful, atavistic, primitive and bestial but not bestial in the well worn ‘war/grind’ way. No, this is animalistic on a completely different level. There’s a subterranean feel to their sound making one feel like one is drowning […]

Destroyer 666 – See You In Hell 7″

Destroyer 666 need no introduction to the world. An Aussie institution since the mid 1990s the band has resided in Europe since 2001 and have wreaked a campaign of lycanthropic terrorism across the world. Fusing base, carnal and primal instincts with disdained observation of the deteriorating world we all so lovingly continue to destroy, the […]

Apocalypse Command – Damnation Scythes Of Invincible Abomination CD

The demise of Angelcorpse vomited forth the unholy creation that is Apocalypse Command. Firmly rooted in death metal’s glorious history with more than a subtle nod to classic Brazilian bands like Sarcofago and Holocausto, Apocalypse Command is the epitome of hideous, raw, ugly and fierce death metal.

Diocletian – War Of All Against All CD

The second album from NZ barbarians and titans of bestial Death Metal. ‘War Of All…’ sees the band hone their attack into a much more determined and directed sonic assault. Relentless, brutal and utterly violent.

Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations CD

Negative Plane’s second album, taking their eerie, occult laden Black Metal to another level. Almost fitting to be a soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe novel, ‘Stained Glass Revelations’ is an exceptional piece of work, elevating the band to scene leaders.

Blood Revolt – Indoctrine CD

Blood Revolt has changed how extreme, harsh Metal can be done and perceived in the world. Bringing together the minds of Primordial frontman AA Nemtheanga and J Read/Chris Vermin of Revenge and Axis of Advance, ‘Indoctrine’ is the soundtrack of collapse and madness. Witness one man’s descent into the abyss of insanity told through the […]

Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros 12″

Suffocating Death Metal darkness from the ends of the worlds. ‘Beheaded Ouroboros’ is a ritual of death, doom and sacrifice put to music. Exceptionally heavy, laden with doom heavy riffs and passages, ‘Beheaded Ouroboros’ is an exceptional piece of work.

Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros CD

Suffocating Death Metal darkness from the ends of the worlds. ‘Beheaded Ouroboros’ is a ritual of death, doom and sacrifice put to music. Exceptionally heavy, laden with doom heavy riffs and passages, ‘Beheaded Ouroboros’ is an exceptional piece of work.

Vomitor – Bleeding The Priest CD

Death Metal or dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Australia’s Vomitor leads the charge in an old school Death Metal rage! Satanic, evil and menacing, Vomitor takes its lead from old school Metallica, Sodom, Azagthoth, Morbid Angel and Deathrow.

Tyrants Blood – Crushing Onward Into Oblivion CD

Canada’s Tyrants Blood is the epitome of all that is metal! Speed, ferocity and attack. ‘Crushing Onward Into Oblivion’ is a masterpiece of Death/Thrash Metal in the vein of classic Sadus, Morbid Angel, Possessed and Morbid Saint.

Spearhead – Decrowning The Irenarch CD

Militant and sophisticated Death Metal from England. In the vein of Angelcorpse, classic Morbid Angel, Carcass and Entombed, Spearhead add extra grit and bite to their style and sound elevating them above many of their peers in the international Death Metal scene.

Gospel of the Horns – Eve Of The Conqueror CD

The debut mini album from Gospel Of The Horns, originally released in 2000 by Damnation Records (NL) and reissued with the bands permission in 2007! Four tracks of pounding, intense Australian Black/Thrash Metal.

Tyrants Blood – Prophecy CD

Follow up to their debut CD ‘Prophecy’ sees TYRANTS BLOOD develop into a force to be reckoned with. Harsh, uncompromising Death/Thrash Metal with influences from MORBID ANGEL, SADUS, POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION etc. Combining sheer Canadian force & power with traditional Death/Thrash!

Diocletian – Doom Cult 12″

The masterpiece has finally become available on vinyl! A mammoth edition with no expense spared! The specs for this monstrous LP are: 140g Black Vinyl, 350g Gatefold Sleeve with 5mm Spine, 300g Insert with full colored print on both sides, and 150g Art Paper A0 Poster full colored print on both sides!!!!! Earth shattering Black/Death […]

Diocletian – Doom Cult CD

33.33 minutes of sonic warfare and annihilation. DIOCLETIAN raises the bar for feral, raw, impure, undiluted, bestial hate & ferocity. Clocking in at 33 mins 33 seconds, ‘Doom Cult’ is a slab of concrete dropped on your fucking head from a height.

Gospel of the Horns – Realm Of The Damned CD

Second full length album from Australia ‘s bastard sons of Black/Thrash. Taking their neck breaking thrash speed to a whole new level!

Spearhead – Deathless Steel Command CD

Debut full length from England’s SPEARHEAD. Combining furious, brutal Death Metal in the vein of classic Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower & Asphyx with the Black Metal element of Mayhem & Emperor ‘Deathless Steel Command’ is a relentless, punishing affair. Not to be missed!

Vulpecula – In Dusk Apparition CD

The long awaited final part of the Vulpecula saga is set for an April 2006 release. Expect more dark, ambient occult Metal from former Order From Chaos/current Ares Kingdom axe man Chuck Keller.

Sol Axis – To Mark The Ages 10″

Avant Garde, dark, apocalyptic. Taking the Black Metal sound further. Totally un-trendy, revolutionary dark Metal. Hymns to celebrate ragnarok and the cleansing of the ages. Deluxe gatefold 10” vinyl.

Kill – Horned Holocaust CD

Kill is the aural essence of primitive and dark Black Metal, as it was intended to be. Citing influence from Sodom ‘s ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’, Sarcofago’s ‘INRI’, Dark Throne, VON, Necrovore, ‘Horned Holocaust’ emerges a vile and hideous creation of true Black Metal art. The darkness in the music is reminiscent of the Samael masterpiece […]

Allfather – Weapon Of Ascension Gatefold LP

Finally the vinyl version of this underground masterpiece of brutal, violent War Death Metal. In the spirit of Angelcorpse, Bestial Warlust and Order From Chaos. Special gatefold LP edition with different artwork and an exclusive bonus track. Limited to 500 copies.

Allfather – Allfather 10″

ALLFATHER’s brutal demo from 1999 on 10″ vinyl. Released in 2003, limited to 350 copies & long sold out!

Allfather – Weapon Of Ascension CD

Canadian War Metal just got more intense! Allfather’s debut album is a relentless and barbaric aural assault. Reaching into the concept of Nietzsche’s ‘superman’ and the pushing of the human being to a higher level, Allfather rage relentlessly and brutally over your senses. Imagine Bestial Warlust colliding full force in battle with Angelcorpse & Order […]

Gospel of the Horns – A Call To Arms

Australia ‘s Vanguard of elite Black/Thrash Metal. ‘A Call To Arms’ is a raging beast, unleashed against the tide of falsehood that exists both within the underground and the wider world. With influences from Razor, Sodom , Bathory to Blasphemy, Beherit & Dark Throne, Gospel Of The Horns are untouchable in their field.

Vomitor – Neutron Hammer 7″

Released in March 2002, VOMITOR’s “Neutron Hammer” is old style Death Metal as if 1987 had never ended. Limited to 500 copies and sold out instantly!

Solstice – Halcyon

SOLSTICE is Doom/Heavy Metal from England . Halcyon was released in 2000 as a limited edition digipack CD and picture LP, both of which are completely sold out.

Slaughter Lord – Thrash til Death 1986-1987

SLAUGHTER LORD were an Australian thrash band circa 1986-1987 who never released an album but managed to leave their mark on the international scene courtesy of a well circulated demo and a reputation as a killer live act. This CD retrospective is their first “real album” and contains the “Taste of Blood” demo as well […]