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Occultation ‘Three & Seven’ LP available for pre order!

Occult/Psych/Prog/Doom/Dark Rock

Available now for pre order here.

Will include a limited Tarot card run for initial copies. Released in time for the transcendence between the old and the new worlds, Samhain!

-300 copies
– 140 gr. black vinyl
– printed inner sleeve,150 gsm art paper.
– Sleeve with 3mm spine, 300gsm white/white board
– Gloss maschine varnish
– Plastic Overbag

Featuring EMM (aka Nameless Void) of Negative Plane (vocalist/drummer V, and bassist/backing vocalist MAL complete the OCCULTATION triumvirate), “Three & Seven” is a psychedelic vortex of audial terror. A true sonic nightmare where references from ancient horror soundtrack, ‘70s prog, classic ‘80s dark rock, classic cult metal (Mercyful Fate, Death SS), and post punk (Mighty Sphincter) bleed together to create one of the most surreal, intriguing, and intimidating releases of the year. While also at the same time, serving as the fist in the face to the female-fronted occult-doom/rock movement.