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Occultation + Reveal CDs out now!!!

Out now!!

Occultation – Three & Seven CD

Featuring EMM (aka Nameless Void) of Negative Plane (vocalist/drummer V, and bassist/backing vocalist MAL complete the OCCULTATION triumvirate), “Three & Seven” is a psychedelic vortex of audial terror. A true sonic nightmare where references from ancient horror soundtrack, ‘70s prog, classic ‘80s dark rock, classic cult metal (Mercyful Fate, Death SS), and post punk (Mighty Sphincter) bleed together to create one of the most surreal, intriguing, and intimidating releases of the year. While also at the same time, serving as the fist in the face to the female-fronted occult-doom/rock movement.  Sample here! 

Reveal – Nocturne of Eyes & Teeth CD

Hailing from Uppsala, Sweden, Reveal have manifested a recording that is evocative, eerie and in their own words “The Nocturne will certainly have an impact on the ones that wants to, and are unbound enough; our take on the same 400 year old rock-current that influenced and changed so many.
It is what it is and nothing besides, but there might shine through a bit of The Cramps, Mayhem, Black Hole, Katharsis, Master’s Hammer and a good amount of The Doors”.  Sample here! 

Next up:

Gospel Of The Horns ‘Ceremonial Conjuration’ CD/12″

It has been 5 long years since the release of ‘Realm of the Damned’ and now Gospel are ready to strike back with ‘Ceremonial Conjuration’, a 5 track mini album of all new material including a cover of ‘The Fog’, originally recorded by Goatlord. Black/Thrashing mania as always! Heads down, no fucking nonsense Satanic Speed Metal!! The band are also gearing up for a European festival assault throughout the summer as well as two exclusive dates with German thrashers Sodom in Dublin and London in November:

Heavy Metal Overkill Festival (Germany) June 8th
Helvete Metal Club, Oberhausen (Germany) June 16th
Kilkim Žaibu Festival, (Lithuania) June 22nd
Péniche IgelRock (France) June 30th
Party San Open Air (Germany) August 9th
The Button Factory, Dublin (Ireland) Saturday November 17th
Camden Underworld, London (England) Sunday November 18th
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (Netherlands) December 14th & 15th 

Chapel – Satan’s Rock N Roll CD/LP

Blistering, high speed Satanic Speed Metal from one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets!! Chapel is high octane Discharge, Venom, Motorhead, GBH, Celtic Frost, Sodom & Bathory infused metal mania that keeps the booze flowing and the flames of hell burning. Chapel is a raucous, rock n roll affair and their debut album ‘Satan’s Rock N Roll’ is destined to satiate those who hunger killer old school uncompromising, ball out METAL! Samples here!