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Invictus News

ZOM to release demo cassette through Invictus.

Ireland has always suffered from a lack of the more traditional black and death metal bands over the years but this has slowly began to change. Emerging from the sewers of Dublin is ‎ZOM, who will issue their 5 track demo through Invictus shortly. Taking influence from Hellhammer, Beherit, Morbid Angel, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Sepultura, Necrophagia, […]

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Face Of Evil CD/LP reissue 2012

Invictus is proud to announce the reissue of the crushing Face Of Evil CD/LP originally released in 2004. Ripping death/thrash that is like a collision between ‘Altars of Madness’ (Morbid Angel) meets ‘Illusions’ (Sadus) with an utterly rabid Satanic attack! The track ‘Ridden With Satan’ can be heard on the Invictus Bandpage on Facebook.  Both […]

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Invictus feature in The Irish Times 16/9/11

Invictus Productions will be featured in the Friday September 16 edition The Irish Times newspaper as part of a major exposure on Metal in Ireland. It will also be available online here for anyone outside of Ireland who wishes to read it.

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Antediluvian ‘Through The Cervix Of Hawwah’ artwork unveiled.

Artwork for Antediluvian’s debut full length ‘Through the Cervix of Hawwah’ available November 22 2011 The track ‘Scions of Ha Nachash (Spectre of the Burning Valley)’ can be heard here along with other Invictus tracks.

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Sanguis Imperem debut album scheduled for September 30 2011!

SANGUIS IMPEREM are one of the underground’s most violent upstarts and September will see the release of their highly anticipated debut album, which is aptly titled, In Glory We March Towards Our Doom! The album  sees the Californian quartet moving from their war metaled beginnings toward a more morbid maturity, patiently plying their violence with greater focus and […]

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Antediluvian track streaming

New ANTEDILUVIAN (Canada) track streaming on the right side of the page!

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Negative Plane/Tribulation tour concludes…an oath sworn in blood!

The Negative Plane/Tribulation European tour has reached its final conclusion and all souls have been laid to rest. Nine consecutive dates across Germany, Poland, Czech, Holland & Ireland. Many thanks to everyone who came out to the shows but special thanks from Invictus goes to the mighty Conny Cobra for being the best tour driver […]

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Hell’s Pleasure Metal Fest + Negative Plane/Tribulation Tour

I will be away at on tour with Negative Plane & Tribulation from Thursday July 21 until Monday August 1. In this time Invictus will be closed and no orders for anything received in that period will ship until after August 2 at the earliest. Please be aware of this when ordering!   The Occultation 7” […]

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Occultation ‘Somber Dawn’ 7″ and Negative Plane ‘Et In Saecula Saeculorum’ CD

Invictus (in conjunction with Witches’ Tone Records) is extremely proud to announce the release of Occultation‘s ‘Somber Dawn’ 7″, which will be out officially on July 31 and available directly from the web store as well as from their first ever and only European show this year. There is a strictly limited number of copies […]

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