Negative Plane/Watain/Abigor & more

Some new titles in stock:

Abigor ‘ Fractal Possession’ DLP €20
Brand new album from one of Austria’s finest!
Denouncement Pyre ‘Hell’s Infantry’ MCD €5
Relentless, brutal, barbaric Aussie War/Death Metal in the vein of Bestial Warlust, Abominator & Sadistik Exekution!
Diocletian demo #1 2005 (Invictus edition)
Back in stock! Last copies available of this skull crushing masterpiece! Combining the brutality of old Carcass, Order From Chaos with the fury, malice & hate of Conqueror & Revenge, Diocletian is setting a new standard in the underground!
Kaleidoscope zine #4
Featuring interviews w/David Tibet (Current 93), Primordial, Secrets of the Moon, Grippiud & more! €5

Negative Plane ‘Et In Saecula Saeculorum’ DLP €20
Obscure, occult, eerie Black Metal! With influences from Master’s Hammer & Tormentor!
Spear Of Longinus ‘And the Swastikalotus’ cassette €5
New album on cassette only!
Was recorded at the same time as, and considered to be the twin album to TYONS.
Warmarch ‘The Declaration’ CD
Debut full length from Canada’s WARMARCH! Featuring Paulus from RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE on guitars & vocals and D. Relf from DISCIPLES OF POWER on drums! Brand new Canadian assault in a twisted, dark Black/Death Metal way.
Watain ‘Sworn To The Dark’ DLP €20
Brand new album on vinyl from Sweden’s ultra Black Metal cult!
Wolfsmond -Tollwut CD
Raw German Black Metal on the WTC label with pagan lyrics/subject matter.