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Negative Plane statement regarding the recently released split 7″ with Rotting Christ.

“Due to various people continuing to ask us about the recent Rotting Christ/Negative Plane 7” release in bewilderment, here’s the story. First and foremost, we’re probably more annoyed by the final product than anyone. The original idea here was for the release to be a various artists soundtrack to the book “Skogsrået, Näcken Och Djävulen” and certainly not a split 7” under the banner of Rotting Christ/Negative Plane. We had never heard the Rotting Christ track until about yesterday on YouTube, so there sadly was no time to object to the jarring, and somewhat absurd, combination of the two songs featured. We took the idea of it being a soundtrack literally and decided to provide an unreleased, calm instrumental (which was originally intended for “Stained Glass Revelations”) exactly because it isn’t a loud, abrasive Metal song since I can’t remember the last time I felt the urge to pop in “Fallen Angel of Doom” while reading. This logic stemmed from the fact that the release was supposed to be included, and released, with the actual book and well, be a damn soundtrack. We believe that, in its current context and format, the release is rendered useless and confusing by its lack of its parent, the book, and its ‘billing’ as more or less a random split 7”. There are several other things that put the proverbial cherry on top like an added intro on our track we didn’t know of and the asinine price. We wouldn’t pay that for our own track (it’s 3 minutes…) and we recorded the fucking thing.

The intention behind this is certainly not to get into a pissing contest as we are 100% responsible for our own releases in the end and therefore it’s as much our fault for being lazy and not more communicative with the label. We simply wanted to clarify what we find to be a personally disappointing and confusing notch in our discography.

-BD on behalf of Negative Plane”