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Invictus news: new signings, album updates etc.

SPEARHEAD finished recording their second album for Invictus at Hertz Studio, Poland (where VADER, HATE, ANIMA DAMNATA, among others record) in early July. The album has been mastered and we’re currently awaiting the completion of the artwork which is being handled by Manuel Tinnemans @ Somaworx (who has been responsible for artwork for PENTACLE, BUNKUR etc.). The new SPEARHEAD material sees the band branch out further into a more Death/Thrash direction and with the powerful production courtesy of Hertz Studio the album is certain to impress and elevate SPEARHEAD to a new level within the scene. A sample will be uploaded shortly on the Invictus myspace! SPEARHEAD played two very successful & well received festival appearances at Day of Darkness Fest in Ireland & Hells Pleasure Fest in Germany in July.

New Zealand doom cult DIOCLETIAN are to begin recording their debut full length album for Invictus in September. Their well received demo from 2005 was repressed due to high demand by Invictus and the band have gone onto record a MCD titled ‘Decimator’ which is due for release soon, a 7″ and s split 12″ with the Aussie band DENOUNCEMENT PYRE. A final date for the release of the DIOCLETIAN album which is to be titled ‘Doom Cult’ has not been set. DIOCLETIAN have been hailed as a savage & uncompromising underground Metal act likened to fellow pioneers ORDER FROM CHAOS, CARCASS & BLASPHEMY in terms of brutality, intensity & style. A sample from the demo can be heard on the Invictus myspace!

Invictus is pleased to announce we have signed the new project from one Gene Palubicki called APOCALYPSE COMMAND. Gene has been well known as the helmsman in crushing Death Metal legends ANGELCORPSE and has taken blasphemy, musical extremity & aural violence to a whole other level with APOCALYPSE COMMAND. A three track A.C. demo is currently available from Gene and it is due to be pressed on 7″ in the near future. APOCALYPSE COMMAND will also feature the unique talents of one Steve Hughes who has drummed for the mighty SLAUGHTER LORD as well as MORTAL SIN, NAZXUL & more recently as a live drummer for PRIMORDIAL. This will be Steve’s first drum recordings in nearly a decade and is sure to make the album more intense in a collaboration bringing together musicians from different eras of the extreme Metal underground.

US psychedelic Black Metal heathens NACHTMYSTIUM have officially licensed their “Eulogy IV’ opus to Invictus exclusively for the European market. Currently signed to Century Media in the USA & Candlelight in Europe, the band agreed a special license deal with us for the currently out of print album. As one of the more experimental underground Black Metal acts to emerge from the US, NACHTMYSTIUM laid a solid foundation of cult underground releases before coming to the attention of their current labels. ‘Eulogy IV’ is a more direct, Thrash inspired offering with the traditional NACHTMYSTIUM sound & eccentricity. All our upcoming titles will be available through Plastic Head Distribution for Europe.