Invictus Mail Order: NEW TITLES IN STOCK!

I will update this weekly with new titles coming in.


CDs €10 (unless stated otherwise)
MCDs €5 (unless stated otherwise)
LPs €12
7″ €5
Fanzines €5

Order directly through or email [email protected] to reserve titles.

Payment methods: Paypal, IBAN, cash, cheque or postal order in the post. All orders are handled and mailed out within 24 hours of receiving them. Any queries, questions etc. please email me.

Available Invictus titles:

IP004 Gospel of the Horns ‘A Call to Arms’ CD €10

Aussie Black/Thrash mania! Influences from Motorhead, Sodom, Razor etc.
IP005 Allfather ‘Weapon of Ascension’ CD €10 / LP €12
Canadian War/Death Metal. Furious, hell paced Death a lá Angelcorpse, Bestial Warlust, Blasphemy!
IP012 Gospel of the Horns ‘Realm of the Damned’ CD €10
Second full length! More headbanging, break neck Black/Thrash!
IP014 Tyrants Blood ‘Prophecy’ MCD €6
Death/Thrash mayhem from Canada! Classic Sadus, Morbid Angel, Destruction influences!
IP016 Spearhead ‘Decrowning the Irenarch’ CD €10
Sophisticated Death Metal art! Recorded @ Hertz, Poland (Vader etc). For fans of Angelcorpse, Carcass!

**************NEW MAIL ORDER TITLES IN STOCK****************

Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions CD €10
(Depressive, melancholic Black Metal in the vein of Burzum ‘Filosofem’)

Animus Mortis – Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh) CD €10
(Chilean Black Metal!)

Arghoslent – Galloping Through The Battle Ruins CD €10
(Debut album from Arghoslent. Militant & radical Death Metal)

Arghoslent – Incorrigible Bigotry CD €10
(Second full length from Arghoslent. Killer riffs with twisted melodies)

Arghoslent – Hornets of the Pogrom CD €10
(Newst full length from militant & radical US Death Metal horde Arghoslent. Combining slick melodies with excellent riffs!)

Azaghal/Beheaded Lamb – split CD €10
(Brutal, harsh, uncompromising Finnish/Spanish Black Metal split CD)

Black Flame – Conquering Purity CD €10
(Great Italian Black Metal in the traditionally Satanic vein. Recommended!)

Black Flame – Conquering Purity LP €12
(Great Italian Black Metal in the traditionally Satanic vein. Recommended!)

Concubia Nocte – Sekerou Peruna a Kladivom Thora CD €10
(Slovakian Pagan Black Metal)

Dead Congregation – Grave of the Archangels CD €10
Death Metal hell from Greece! Brutal, discordant, heavy Death Metal in the vein of Incantation, Immolation, Morbid Angel etc.

Deathgate Arkanum – Stillhallen CD €10
(Harsh, anti-Christian, German Black Metal!)

Diocletian – Decimator MCD €5
(New Zealand Doom Cult Diocletian’s debut MCD! Brutal, intense, oppressive Black/Death/Doom! Debut album ‘Doom Cult’ coming on Invictus!)

Drowned (Ger) Viscera Terrae MCD €5
(From the same cult as NECROS CHRISTOS comes the Berlin Death Metal ritual DROWNED! Morbid, occult sounding Death Metal!)

Falkenbach – …En Their Medh Riki Fara… CD €10
(Debut album. Pagan, symphonic, epic Black Metal!)

Falkenbach – Heralding (The Fireblade) LP €12
(Last LP from this Icelandic/German Pagan Metal band!)

Foscor – The Smile of the Sad Ones CD €10
(Cold, melancholic, depressive Black Metal from Spain)

Grand Belial’s Key – Mocking the Philanthropist CD €10
(Debut album from 1997! Classic, unique Black Metal!)

Grand Belial’s Key – Judeobeast Assassination CD €10
(Second full length of blasphemous, humourous & ironic Black Metal from GBK!)

Grand Belials’ Key – Kosherat CD €10
(3rd & final full length from these US Black Metal stalwarts!)

Graveland – The Celtic Winter CD €10
(Harsh, uncompromising, extremely raw Polish Black Metal)

Graveland – In The Glare of Burning Churches CD €10
(Harsh, uncompromising, extremely raw Polish Black Metal)

Graveland – Carpathian Wolves CD €10
(Full length from 1994. Harsh Polish Black Metal.)

Grom/Wulfgravf – Fullmoon Warfare split CD €10
(US Black Metal attack!)

Hacavitz – Katun CD €10
(Hacavitz – KatunBrutal, Black Metal tinged, Mexican Death fucking Metal!)

Heathen Hammer zine issue #1 €5
(New underground zine from England featuring Skyrforger, Arditi, Sig:Ar:Tyr & more)

Inquisition – Nefarious Dismal Orations LP €12
(Latest full length LP from this US Black Metal cult. Monotone, eerie Black Metal)

Inquisition – Nefarious Dismal Orations LP €10
(Latest full length LP from this US Black Metal cult. Monotone, eerie Black Metal)

Inquisition (Col) – Diabolus Nostrum Vinco CD €10
(Live Inquisition album. Limited to 1000)

Kawir – Eptopia CD €10
(Traditional Hellenic Black Metal)

Kawir – Arai CD €10
(Full length from 2005! Traditional Greek Black Metal! Recommended!)

Kriegsmaschine – Altered States of Divinity CD €10
(Polish religious/orthodox Black Metal!)

Krohm – The Haunting Presence CD €10
(Depressive, melancholic Black Metal from the US!)

Legion of Doom – For Those of the Blood CD €10
(Originally released in 1997, re-released with improved layout etc. Hellenic Black Metal attack!)

Loss – Life Without Hope…Death Without Reason MCD €5
(Funeral doom metal…worthy of your suicide! Contains demo material plus 2 bonus tracks!)

MGLA – Further Down the Nest MCD €5
(Religious, ‘theistic’ Black Metal from Poland)

Manticore – Bowels of the Holy Anoint us in Evil CD €10
(MANTICORE’s sound is quite an unusual mix of very sinister, brutal and downtuned Death Metal like INCANTATION meets Black Metal-like vocals and blasphemous atmosphere, that sounds influenced by BEHERIT and DEMONCY. MANTICORE plays ugly, blasphemous Metal.)

Mortem – Devoted to Evil 12″ MLP
(Peruvian Death Metal hell! Traditional Death Metal from these South American maniacs!)

Nachtfalke – Following The Wanderers Path A5 Digipack CD €10
(Pagan/War themed German Black Metal)

Nachtfalke – First Battles 3 CD box set w/DVD CD €15
(3 CD set featuring older Nachtfalke material & live DVD)

Necros Christos – Grave Damnation MCD €5
(NECROS CHRISTOS combine early 90’s dark Death Metal with Black Metal from the same era. Down tuned, heavy, mid paced dark Black/Death is what is on offer here on this pretty killer MCD release! Recommended!)

Necrovation – Breed Deadness Blood CD €10
New wave of Swedish Death Metal! Paying home to the classic underground Death Metal scene. For fans of Dismember, Nihilist, Entombed, Morbid etc.

Nominon – Recremation CD €10
(Brutal Swedish Death Metal! Recommended for fans of old school, brutal Death!)

October Falls – The Streams of the End MCD €5
(Melancholic Finnish Folk/Black Metal)

Rimthurs – Ur:Kaos MCD €5
(RIMTHURS is a band that hails from Sweden (Hudiksval) and plays Black Metal influenced by Viking folklore. The music is fast and raw, whilst at the same time managing to sound melodic. Outstanding vocals round off this brilliant piece of Nordic Art. Influences/Like: Kampfar, Mock, Amon Amarth.)

Sacrilegious Impalement – Sacrilegious Impalement MCD €5
(Finnish Black Metal. Excellent production. Old Nordic style with hints of Funeral Mist!)

Satanic Warmaster – Carelian Satanist Madness CD €10
(Satanic Finnish Black Metal. Latest full length album)

Temnozor – Folkstorm of the Azure Nights CD €10
(Latest release from these Russian Pagan Metal warriors!)

The Second Book of Sentences zine #2 €3
(Unconventional Irish zine featuring interviews with SPEARHEAD, DARKEST ERA (Irl), PRIMAL DAWN (Irl), REVEREND BIZARRE, ALTUS ASTRUM (Irl) & more plus reviews etc.)

Ur Falc’h – Ur Falc’h CD €10
(Out of the woods comes the debut full-length from this Folk influenced Black Metal band haling from Quebec. Arcane folk-passages gust across frozen landscapes carved by raw guitars to form and uncompromising bond between archais roots and meciless winters.)

Ur Falc’h / Heretic Blood – Sur le Chemin de la Noirceur CD €10
(Split of violent Pagan/Black Metal. Folk-influenced Black Metal meets raw, epic Black Metal!)

Vemoth – Köttkroksvals CD €10
(VEMOTH (Swe) Was formed in the end of 2004. “Kottkroksvals” have excellent reviews in Ancient Ceremonies, Metalcentral (7/10) “Incredible Swedish Black Metal, well composed with a melodic touch. Amazing riffs, possessed voice, excellent production. and high quality set of tracks. influences / comparison: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN , SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. A future masterpiece)

Verminous – Impious Sacrilege CD €10
(Bringing back evil to old school Swedish Death Metal. If you liked the sounds of Grotesque (pre- At The Gates) you will like this as well!)

YcosHateRon – La Nuit CD €5
(YCOSAHATERON is for those that enjoy kaos and lust and Noize Industrial Armageddon! This sick release includes ATTIA CSIHAR from MAYHEM and KILLJOY from NECROPHAGIA!)