Invictus 1999-2009: 10 Years of Resistance!

2009 sees the 10 year anniversary of Invictus & this month, February, sees the anniversary of the whole thing coming together all those years ago. The journey has been immense so far & the experience has been outstanding. Some low points but far too many high points to let the lows obscure them! The label started off as a formative idea after I’d been doing gigs & zines on a local level for years. Some of the releases initially planned never came to fruition but that’s par for the course in this game. To celebrate the anniversary I’ll be printing new Invictus ‘Heathen Resistance Era Vulgaris’ shirts shortly. The label could not be what it is without the bands & in particular Gospel Of The Horns so I wish to salute them for the past decade of absolute insanity! All the other bands I’ve worked with so far have helped in the resistance growing & expanding and without them Invictus would still be but an idea. My gratitude to you all eternally. And so, onto the future! Upcoming releases out in March include:

Diocletian -Doom Cult CD
Gospel Of The Horns – Eve of the Conqueror MCD

Following on from these releases are planned:

Allfather -Weapon of Ascension CD w/unreleased bonus tracks from the same session
Allfather – demo/EP CD
Kill – Horned Holocaust w/bonus tracks (the ‘Necro’ 7″)
Slaughter Lord – Thrash till Death repress

…but there will be more!

I currently have classy Spearhead t shirt designs available from the web store for €15: