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Invictus Releases - MC


Regular edition featuring Eve of the Conqueror & Ceremonial Conjuration (cassette one), A Call to Arms (cassette two), Realm of the Damned (cassette three).

Naddred – Sluagh cassette (2017)

Invictus Productions sets March 13th as the international release date for Naddred’s debut demo, Sluagh, on cassette tape. A new Irish entity featuring members of Slidhr and Eternal Helcaraxe and former members of Sol Axis, Naddred are truly a summation of their combined experience in the black metal trenches. Across the four tracks comprising Sluagh, […]

Demonomancy – Poisoned Atonement (2018)

For a decade now, DEMONOMANCY have been steadfast pillars of the bestial metal idiom, perfecting it over the course of two EPs and 2013’s definitive debut album, Throne of Demonic Proselytism. However, whilst working with the same strident fundaments – ancient South American black/death, the rigorous Blasphemy/Beherit axiom, early proponents of metal primitivism like Profanatica […]

Possession – Exorkizein (2017)

Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions announce April 7th as the international release date for the massively anticipated debut album of Belgium’s Possession, Exorkizein. Invictus will handle the album’s CD release while Iron Bonehead will handle its vinyl LP version. One of the hottest bands in the modern black/death metal underground, Possession’s ascent has been […]


Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Dark Descent Records, announce March 17th as the international release date for Ascended Dead‘s highly anticipated debut album, Abhorrent Manifestation. Invictus Productions will handle the album’s European release, while Dark Descent will handle its North American release. Surprisingly born under San Diego’s sun, Ascended Deadare nevertheless as ugly as it can be: not by design nor by trying […]

Spectral Apparition – Manifestation Cassette (2016)

First materialising in early 2015, Spectral Apparition perform a peculiar, unsettling brand of Blackened Death Metal. Recorded at Priory Recording Studios and produced by the illustrious Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), the first EP from Spectral Apparition ‘Manifestation’ represents the primary step in the realisation of their collective vision. Taking inspiration from morbid tales of unknown […]

Hexenslaught demo 2016 (2016)

SECOND PRESS TAPES  Ripping filthy death metal in the vein of the unholy 87 triumvirate NECROVORE, MORBID ANGEL & INCUBUS. Dedicated to the memory of Clay Vargo who performed bass and vocals on this recording but who now sleeps among the elders. Second press is a white tape shell to denote its difference from the first […]

Qrixkuor – Three Devils Dance (2016)

“Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the debut mini album of London’s QRIXKUOR, Three Devils Dance. QRIXKUOR was […]

Akatechism – Dripping Flames cassette (2015)

Akatechism – “Dripping Flames” The advent of Akatechism began with the demo ‘Dripping Flames’. It was recorded during the dying moments of MMXIV and is directed at all those who share the same fire and herald the breath of death. By being both eclectic and conservative in its means and ways akatechism is a testimony […]

Occultation – Silence in the Ancestral House (2014)

Exclusive, limited edition red vinyl! 12″ (140g) with full-color (CMYK) labels in a black paper bag, INSERT: both sides full-color (CMYK) on 250g art paper POSTER: 18″x24″ one side full-color (CMYK) on 150g art paper SLEEVE: full-color (CMYK) on upgraded 350gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine, (records in plastic overbags). Hailing from New York, […]

Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros Cassette (2014)

Recorded At – Black Door Studio Mixed At – Black Door Studio Mastered At – Black Door Studio